Friday, September 9, 2011


September 1st brought the first day of school for my children, Johnson is in the 7th grade and Jonah is in the 5th grade. I can't believe that my little boys are growing up so fast.

Traditions are so important to children, each year the boys request what treat they want to have for their first after school snack. This year Johnson wanted icing cookies & Jonah wanted Reese's cup cookies, making special treats for my boys is a delight!

Our school sponsored a 5K for Learning race to raise money for our high school computer lab, Tom & Johnson ran the race, both placed 3rd in their age divisions. Tom loves to run (he slowed his paced to stay with Johnson) and I'm happy to see Johnson following in his footsteps.

Jonah has his first football game tomorrow morning, he is so excited and I'm a nervous wreck, full contact sports worry me.