Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Product Alert

Oh my goodness! I was checking out at J. Crew the other day and on a whim picked up a bottle of Essie nail polish that was by the cash register (great product placement on their part) this stuff is amazing and wonderful and comes in such pretty colors. I just checked out all the new fall colors on Essie's website and WOW great colors to choose from and compared to what Sally Hansen is selling for at Wallie World this stuff is a real bargain!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edible Art

I have long been a lover of beautiful cakes! When I was a young girl I would draw every detail of my wedding cake, I would cut photos of cakes from magazines and beg my mother to make them. I still love edible art, it's a visual delight! Even the worst tasting cake taste good if its pretty! I stumbled upon a couple of new blogs this weekend which led me to more blogs and you get the idea, then I found it, the cake that I want for my 39th birthday, at least the bottom layer. I first saw it on Cake Wrecks then on Martha Stewart's website, it's so elegant!!

A few other blogs that have amazing cakes and cookies are: Cookie Crumbs and Bake at 350, go check them out-you will be blown away by what these ladies can do with a little flour & sugar!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Off The Sidelines

After several days of feeling sorry for myself I'm happy to report with the help of Dillards, Talbots, Neiman Marcus, FedEx and a debt card I'm back to normal. Well, normal for me, LOL!!

I have decided that life is too short to sit on the sidelines! I'm going to pick myself up, dust off the dirt and move forward!!

I'm be turning 39 in a few weeks, I'm several pounds overweight and I have an ugly scar from my thyriodectomy but that's okay, I kinda like me just the way I am. My scar and pounds tell the story of my life, even if it is the recipe for buttercreme icing! Age and weight are just numbers that are constantly changing but attitude is everything! And mine is in need of an adjustment!

I have opened an Etsy shop, I will be selling handmade cards for special occasions and holidays, I will have the first of many cards to come in my shop by Monday morning. Who knows I may actually sell a few. Wouldn't that be great then I could order more fabulous clothes!!

I want to say a special thank you to my Aunt Kathy for being there for me yesterday (always) and to Hautemamaof2 for taking the time to let me know that I'm not alone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I believe that there is no harder job in this world than that of a stay-at-home mother; with that said, over the past 14 years of being a homemaker I have put everyone's needs, likes and dislikes before my own. Before Tom and I were married and before we had children I had a small career that I enjoyed, I traveled, bought fabulous handbags, and had friends. I still love Louis Vuitton and we travel all the time but something is missing. I love my family and couldn't imagine life without them but I need something more. Our bank called yesterday and ask if I would please consider taking a part-time position, my heart jumped at the thoughts of getting out in the real world for a few hours each day but then they told me the hours and there's no possible way that I could make it work with the boys' schedules and Tom's work. I feel hopeless! I feel so guilty for even feeling this way because I know I have a wonderful husband, two great sons and I have been blessed to be home with my family. I miss the old me, I just wish I knew where she lived.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comfort Food

Lately I've been having a hard time dealing with some issues in my life, nothing to extreme but nonetheless issues. Mostly I have been feeling sorry for myself because I don't have a sister, a daughter or a best friend :( I know, I know, I have two wonderful sons who I love and adore but people sometimes this house just needs a little more estrogen! I secretly wish that The Pioneer Woman and I were sisters, I stalk her blog everyday, LOL!! When I saw the recipe for Pecan Pie Muffins I knew I had to have me some of them! Hurry get over to her blog, print the recipe and head to the kitchen, you won't be sorry, these are the best little things I've eaten in a long time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Love My Cricut

I absolutely love my Cricut die-cutting machine, it amazes me! Oh and I tried SMOOCH for the first time tonight and I can't wait to buy one in every color. I made this beautiful card for a friend that is becoming very dear to my heart, I used the Walk In My Garden cartridge and Pearl SMOOCH. Something about fall makes me want to scrapbook, I'm counting down the days until my next scrapbook retreat, are you crafting this weekend? Have a good one!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

I thought I would let you know a little something about me today, I love to watch Sex And The City! I watch reruns, the movie and I'm counting down the days until the SATC2 is on dvd. This week in particular I have watched more than usual and the shoes that the "Girls" wear are fabulous!!! I decided that I need a pair of Manolo's! I will be 39 years old in less than a month and a thirty something gal needs a WOW pair of shoes! Do you own a pair of Manolo's? If so are they on display in your china cabinet or on your mantel, LOL!?!

Have a great day :)