Friday, March 6, 2009


You may remember a few months ago that Tom's grandfather had surgery to remove a large tumor from his side and with the removal they also took three ribs, after months of healing and radiation therapy he has now started 12 weeks of chemotherapy. This is so hard for him, he's 83 yrs old, Tom's grandmother is 77 yrs old and starting to have major health problems as well. They are two of the kindest people you would ever want to meet, they have always treated me like a child instead of an in-law and to see them decline so quickly is heartbreaking. Please keep them in your prayers.
To be able to know your great-grandparents is truly a gift, the bond that Johnson & Jonah have with Papaw & Joy is one-of-a-kind, Johnson was born on Papaw's birthday and Jonah was born on Joy's birthday, isn't that amazing?

I haven't been doing much in the way of decorating, cleaning or cooking (the last two are good things, right?) but I will try to post a few pictures of my new furniture over the weekend and a recipe for a fantastic chicken casserole (thanks Mom). I hope that everyone has a great weekend, remember to spring ahead this Saturday night!


Marva said...

Jihnson and Jonah are very, very blessed to be able to know their great grandparents. I never knew mine or even my Granfathers for that matter.


Marva said...

sorry about that, I meant Johnson. Blessings!

Rue said...

Hi Michelle

I'm so sorry about their health issues. I'll definitely say prayers for them.


Girly Stuff said...

I hope he is feeling is so hard to see them so weak when you remember them so strong.