Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been extremely busy the last few weeks, with the passing of Papaw, Spring Break with 3 kids in Gatlinburg by myself, Tom has been working nonstop, I'm having major problems with my thyroid replacement medication and we are house hunting again! Yeah, that about sums it up, LOL! Oh I almost forgot, I'm trying to give up sweets and diet Pepsi, I know I'm crazy! I'm telling you it's the thyroid meds, you just don't think clearly when they need adjusted, LOL!

We need more S-P-A-C-E!! Our 2200 square feet just isn't cutting it anymore. I need pointers on staging a house for sale. Lexie (my step-daughter) will be spending the entire summer with us and she is thinking about moving in with us for a year or so before she starts college, I love having her with us but my goodness that girl has got the clothes! This is one area that having boys is definitely easier. We have started looking for houses in the neighboring town because of the city school system. Our boys have always gone to a very small private school and they are wanting more activities and to play sports, the county schools is our area now are terrible so if we stay here they have to stay in the same school.

I have been reading blogs but not commenting very much, hopefully things will get to normal sometime this week. Have a great week!!!!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

How busy you are!
Staging and moving: Clean out clutter...that is what I hear is the most important!
God Bless-