Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Kelly's Korner blog is hosting her link party today and this weeks theme is children's names, what they are or what you hope them to be.

Family has always been important to Tom and me, Tom comes from a very small family and I come from a HUGE family. While we were dating we decided if we ever had a boy his first name would be after Tom's great-grandfather and the middle name would be after my Daddy, so we named our first born son:

Johnson Douglas

When we found out we were expecting again I wanted to name our future son Anderson Thomas, after Tom's other great-grandfather and Thomas is Tom's given name. After our second son was born we called him Anderson Thomas for the first day, told everyone that was his name, it was a done deal, NOT! Before Tom went home that night he wrote down four or five names and said "pick one and I'll fill out the birth certificate in the morning", I told him he could write all he wanted his name was ANDERSON. That night I had to leave my newborn bundle of joy in the nursery because I was having surgery very early the next morning and I had a rough delivery, I kissed him on his tiny soft cheeks and said, "goodnight Anderson, Mommy loves you" and started to walk away, he cried and without even thinking I said "JONAH Mommy's right here" he couldn't be anything other than:

Jonah Thomas
I believe that the name we as parents give our child is one of the greatest gifts! Have a great Mother's Day weekend!!!

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Davene said...

I loved reading this...what a sweet, sweet story!

I think your boys' names go together very nicely. :)