Monday, May 9, 2011

It's A Girl

Our family is thrilled to announce the addition of Miss Sophie Mae! She is an eight-week old miniature dachshund and is Jonah's dream come true. Since he was six-years old all he has every wanted was an obese wiener dog, LOL, I'm not sure about the obese part but our neighbors had a surprise litter of puppies and offered us one. She will be staying with them until next week when we move. I've never owned a dog before and I'm nervous about housebreaking, if you have any suggestions please share.

This was the best Mother's Day to date! Tom and the boys each gave me a special card, both of the boys bought cards that were for Step-Mothers, LOL!!!! I laughed until I cried reading about how glad they were that I joined their family and that is was almost as if we were related!! I will treasure those cards forever! Tom's card was so sweet & kind, just like him!


Lindsay-ann said...

Congratulations on your new family addition. She is adorable. Good luck with the house training, sorry I can't be of any help with that!
Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Loved the picture of you with the boys.

Kristi said...

Such a cute puppy! So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Kathy said...

Love the picture of you and the boys!

Hautemama said...

Such a cute picture of you and the boys! My kids would do something like the stepmother card too. They think they are sooo funny!

Hautemama said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you congrats on the puppy!!!! We got one too!