Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Uncharted Waters

If you think waking up three times a night to feed a newborn, carrying a diaper bag everywhere you go, wondering if your baby is ready for solids when the doctors says to wait is hard...just you wait, it's a whole new world when your child is on the verge of becoming a teenager!

Most days I feel like the world's worst mother! He wants skinny jeans from all the trendy stores, I want him to wear Polo & Brooks Brothers, he listens to music I can't stand, he barely grunts when you ask him a question and forget about trying to feed him, all he wants is McDonalds & cheese sticks.

Then there are those precious few moments when he wants to talk to me and gives me the biggest hug that gives me the courage to live through another day. Keep in mind he has the sweetest personality in the world!

I know that this is an important time in his life, finding his individuality, his style, his independence. I'm not ready for all these changes, I still want to pick out his clothes & brush teeth.

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