Friday, April 11, 2008

New Beginnings

New beginnings are everywhere now that Spring is officially here and I'm in the mood to redecorate. We moved into our current house a little over two years ago, recently I have started to change the paint colors in the house to suit my taste . I have painted my oldest son's room and am decorating it with a surfboard theme (his request, he's nine) think Pottery Barn on a budget. I'm going to paint my youngest son's room tomorrow, he has a boat theme, I'm just changing the color of the walls from a medium blue to a pale green to match the quilts that we have better and to make the room feel larger. I'll post before and after photos. Next on the list is my kitchen and dining room, they are currently painted a dark red and the dining room is being used a make shift playroom for the boys. I'm still trying to decide on paint colors for them. I need to watch my pennies with the kitchen and dining room because I am in desperate need of new appliances. Also, I would love to sew curtains for both rooms. More tomorrow with photos of the green room.

Take care

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