Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Supper

We had a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to cook supper for my husband's grandparents, they are such dear & wonderful people. Papaw loves anything homemade and often talks about things that his mother made for him years ago. So I took my sons blackberry picking, we have enough wild blackberries growing on our little country road to feed a small village and our neighbors seem to ignore them, I can't stand to watch them dry up on the vines so we loaded up in the trusty mule and off we went! What a great experience for my sons, they had never done anything like this before, when we got back home we washed the berries and ate a few but I had plenty left to make an old fashion cobbler for Papaw. These are the kind of memories that I wish for my sons, to know that their mother was crazy enough in 90 degree weather to pick berries for a cobbler instead of going to the grocery store to buy them, some things in life are priceless and this was one of those moments, the questions that they had for me and hearing the laughter from their sweet little boy voices when I climbed on the seats of the mule with my BBQ tongs in hand trying reach the ripe berries at the top was worth more to me than anything in the world!

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Davene said...

That sounds like so much fun! I don't think there's anything quite like fresh berries from the vine. The heat and occasional scratches add to the specialness of it, I think. :)

It seems like you are building up a great treasury of happy memories for your boys!