Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Day of School

This has been one of the busiest weeks that we've had in a long time, the boys started school yesterday and my classes started on Monday. We are going to be one busy family this semester my oldest son started 4th grade, which is going to be a major change from 3rd. My youngest son started 2nd grade and I'm taking 12 credit hours. I broke a tooth on Tuesday while out of town shopping for school supplies, needless to say yesterday was spent in the dentist chair and I came out with the news that I need 6 crowns and 2 fillings. Lowe's was supposed to be here this morning to deliver my new appliances but they have called to say that it will be noon before they will be here, this is a good thing because I didn't get anything done yesterday. I hope that everyone has a good day and I will post pictures of my new appliances later. Sorry for the rant, I'll be happier when my new stuff gets here, LOL, providing that I can clean my house that fast!

Take Care



Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good luck with your new and crazy schedule! Hopefully you all will get into the swing of things fast!

Maggie said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the dentist visit. I just had visit 1 of 3 to fix my teeth and it was no fun.
Have fun with the new appliances!

Davene said...

I love first-day-of-school pictures! :)

Ow, so sorry to hear about the teeth. That doesn't sound like fun at all!

And hopefully by now your appliances are there and working great for you!

What kind of classes are you taking? Are you finishing up a degree? Just curious... :)

Kentucky Bound said...

Wow! Sounds like your life will be a whirlwind of activity for the next few months. Be sure to take some "you" time once in a while. It helps with that totally overwhelmed feeling.

Hope the new appliances made it to their new home. Mine are sitting in boxes (except for the fridge, which is in use in the livingroom) waiting for the kitchen to be completed.

The leaves are beginning to change here in our holler, too. Fall is my absolute favorite season - we've always planned our vacations around fall and/or hunting season so we could enjoy the colors - so I'm really looking forward to seeing it from beginning to end for the first time in about 30 years.

Blessings from The Creek!

Southerner said...

Hi Michelle. I have been running so have not caught up in checking out other bloggers lately. My good friend from Niceville was from the Lexington area so I have heard many stories about Kentucky. She and I used to talk at least an hour every day for many years. Ug, on the dental work. I used to work as a dental and then an orthodontic assistant. My kids are going to the orthodontist that I worked for( I was his first assistant) I don't want to work but do have sweet memories when I go in the office. I did enjoy my job. Can't wait to see your new appliances, that is always so fun to get new things!

Jean Ann said...

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Thanks and talk soon!
Jean Ann