Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tickets Please!

I love the movies! I like to go the theatre, drive-in, or renting movies either one is fine with me, just as long as it involves lots of popcorn and candy!

The fall and winter months are hard on our family because all spring and summer we are at the lake every weekend boating, riding our mule, building fires and roasting marshmallows. When cooler weather starts we close up the camper and winterize the boat so everyone is a little bored on the weekends. To keep the children happy we will have party foods for dinner, rent a movie, play games, eat lots of candy & popcorn just about every Saturday night, this has become a family tradition one that I hope my children will pass on to my grandchildren(20 years from now). What does your family do on cool fall Saturday nights?

The items for the gift basket today are: a family friendly DVD, a bucket of movie theatre popcorn and four boxes of movie candy. Thanks again for all the comments!! Have a great day!


Marva said...

On cool Saturday nights, we have bond fires, go on hayrides, attend college football games and have family night with boardgames and such. The boys are just now getting old enough to be content with sitting for a movie (other than Barney!). they had their first taste of popcorn recently and love it. One of their fav candies is Reese Pieces too!

Thanks for doing the giveaway! Blessings!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Living in Michigan-I know what you mean about Movie nights!!!
Friday night at our house is Movie, Popcorn, candy and Pizza night...I am the candy eater, and my hubby ALWAYS eats popcorn...
(Loving this giveaway...everything you have mentioned is what I like!! You must have great taste!)

kykathy said...

I was just thinking today what a good mom and wife you are! Tom & the boys are so lucky to have you, and you inspire me to do fun things with Jonathan!

Angie said...

Before the baby, Saturday nights were sort of a "splurge" night for me and my hubby. We'd go out and eat and see a movie almost every weekend! But the one tradition we've kept is something we call, "junk food Sunday." We usually get home late after church on Sunday nights, and are hungry, so we made a habit of stopping at Kroger and getting whatever junk food we wanted...but only for that night. My husband would get a can on tamales (gross!) and a package of cream horns (that's we call them at least), and I usually got a Totinos party pizza and some Funyons or Doritos. I don't buy junk food to just keep in the house, but on Sunday night, we get to have whatever we want! It's really fun!