Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bedroom Makeovers?


My son's rooms are in need of a makeover and I need suggestions! Our home is around 2200 square feet with most of that in the downstairs, both of the boy's rooms are 12X10, which in not alot of space, each have a twin bed, chest of drawers, book shelf and a desk. Johnson's room is very plain and he wants to "help" decorate his room in black, brown & silver, did I mention that he is eleven going on 21, LOL! Jonah is nine and wants a truck room with a real truck for the bed, not even goin' to happen! I would love to have them share a room just so they would learn to get along better and to learn to compromise and share a space, I just don't know how to make it happen in such a small space.

I have been searching for ideas on the Internet, magazines and books, I really like the look of the room in the picture that I found on BHG.com. Do you have children that share a room and what are your thoughts on this subject?


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog...

my two younger kids share a room, on bunk beds. Their room is tiny... 10 x 10, so we use a lot of vertical storage and cabinets.

When I ask them if they want to have separate rooms, (we were going to add on) they said NO! They liked knowing there was always someone to talk to, or slip into bed with if a nightmare happened... it was sooo sweet. They are almost 14 and 10 now... and i'm not sure if that thought still stands with them... but we didn't add on... so the point is moot... LOL!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I may not be the one you want giving advice on sharing rooms-
I am all for it.
My THREE boys are now sharing one 12x12 room! Yes, it is small. Yes, it is tight-and YES, we actually have a four bedroom home, with a fifth guest bedroom and attached bath on the lower level-
They don't keep toys in there, and one of the other rooms became the clothes/toy/homework room...
They all love it-so far, it is working for me, too!
Also, about your last post-
You know I also want to adopt, but my hubs is not on board...he was away this weekend to a Bible study Conference and spent a six-seven hour car ride with one of his co-leaders...who just happens to be the national director of a Christian adoption/family services organization that is based here in Michigan.
No-my husband did not know what his co-leaders job was until this trip...God works in amazing ways-My husband's heart is worked on little by little... :)if this is the road we are to take...
It will be the same for you if that is the plan for your family as well!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks girls!

Ruby~~God's Timing is Perfect!

Saundra~~Thanks for stopping by, I'm lovin' your blog!