Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tales From The Ridge

Well, we have been moved into the rental house for 3 weeks and were considering making an offer, a low offer, because it needs so much work, but I called the owner's today to see where to pay the rent and he told me that the house has sold and will be closing on Friday! Can you believe this?!? And to top it all off we still haven't closed on the house we are selling and just had to sign another 10 day extension because the buyer's are using a piece of land as collateral. The new owner's of the rental house have a bridge loan until they sell the house they are living in so we either have 6 months or 45 days to find another place to live! And did I mention to you that there is NOTHING on the market in our area, we have a large down payment and have been pre-approved and can't buy a house!!!

My lovely husband decided two weeks ago to buy our youngest son a new dirt bike and our oldest son a new laptop without telling me anything about it, yes we had a HUGE fight and yes we have made up but now there is nothing to buy them for Christmas because the little brats, I mean darlings, have way too much stuff and yet they sit around the house saying they're bored! I asked them over Thanksgiving break to make me a Christmas list of about 10 items each, I explained to them that they won't get everything on the list, that has been a week ago and I still don't have their lists, I asked them again this morning on the way to school to make me a list and they both replied, "I don't really want anything"! I think I'm going to take the money for their Christmas presents and give it to a needy family in our area, and I'm not joking!! Kids today are way too spoiled and have way too much and it's my fault for giving in and buying them all this junk, somewhere along the way I have fallen into the trap of my children need to have bigger and better and that stops today!!! I can't believe that I have allowed this to happen! When I was a child we didn't get toys and stuff all year long and just because so and so had the latest and greatest didn't mean we had it! I think I have ranted enough for today.

Be sure to stop by on Friday for a great giveaway, who knows it might be an ipod touch, a blackberry, a laptop , a dirt bike or anything else they don't need! You know and I know that I won't do that, but I should! Have a great day!!!


Angie said...

Good for you. And don't we know in our area, there are plenty of folks who don't have anything. I remember being sooo excited to turn in a list to my mother because we did not get stuff any other time except for our birthdays. Don't think you're the only one though, my niece and nephew have been saying the same thing this year...they just don't want anything.
And wow! How did they have the nerve to not tell you this until now? I can't believe that...wait I can. The folks who are renting to my sister did the same thing to her...except they just let the house go back to the bank and didn't tell her, but kept collecting rent even though the bank owned the property! She is virtually homeless right now too. Why don't people have common decency anymore? I hope it works out...please keep us posted!

Hautemama said...

Do we have the exact same children????? My boys think that they should only ask for the following this year (at 9 and 11 yrs old)-a flat screen TV (oh, wait-the 9 yr. old already has one-ugh), Abercrombie, Holister and Under Armor, dirt bike, 4 wheeler, xbox 360, Iphone. Wow...really gives me a lot to choose from and makes me want to go to Dollar General and buy them paper and pencils, along with some good educational books. UGH-kids these days are killing me! But, I will admit the flat screen TV was all my fault but really...don't they know its a bad economy!
Stay strong Momma!