Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

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We had an amazing Christmas with our boys! Tom's grandmother, parents & brother were here for Christmas Eve and my mom joined all of us for Christmas Day. I was really dreading the holidays this year but it turned out to be wonderful, sometimes I have to remind myself to let things go and focus on the important things. We still have one more Christmas celebration to go at my Mom's on Wednesday. My youngest brother is home from his second tour in Iraq and we were waiting to be with him and his family, I can't wait to see my three brothers and their families and to eat my Mom's fantastic cooking, yummy!

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Hautemama said...

I keep meaning to tell you how much I appreciated the package!!! Loved the plate, towels and the card-I was so thrilled, I went to Hobby Lobby that night!!!!

Our boys would get along and have a great time together!!!