Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wish List

I'm not a very materialistic person, don't get me wrong I love nice things but I don't have to have them to be happy. With that said I have a confession to make, I have a secret wish list for things that I would love to have but would never spend that kind of cash on something so expensive. So, I'm dropping major hints left and right to DH about the Canon Rebel DSLR camera. I have always been interested in photography but have never really had a great camera, this one seems to be a great fit for me. Our local Arts Center has a photography course every spring, it would be fantastic to have a new camera for the class. What kind of camera do you use and are you happy with it and what is on your wish list? Have a great day!


Marva said...

We nust have a little Kodak thing. It is okay and I am content with it so I'll just keep it.

I have friends that have the Rebel and love it though.

On my wish list......the Jon and Kate book, some b&bw stuff to smell yummy, some jeans and some kitchen gadgets. Nothing very big.

We will proably get a dvd/vcr combo as a together gift (it will be from my parents).

Great post!


Susie Harris said...

I hear ya! My sister has one just like that and paid a pretty penny. Once I started blogging I found that you have to have a camera. The one I had was not up to par so I shopped around and found a Fuji in my price range. It takes very good pictures when I know what Im doing(not often). It was half the price of my sisters. Good luck and I hope that you wish comes true~