Sunday, January 17, 2010

Be My Valentine

Jen from Tatertots and Jello is one of the most creative women in blogland, I read her blog daily and I'm inspired by the many wonderful things she does for herself and her family.

When I saw that she had made this Valentines Day wreath from cupcake liners I couldn't wait to try my hand at one.

I really wanted a heart shaped wreath but I couldn't find a foam one so I used a wire heart wreath form from the wedding supply section at Hobby Lobby (it was $1.99) I wrapped it with wired ribbon, then I folded the cupcake liners like a flower and hot glued them onto the ribbon, it was that simple and I love the finished product.

You should really check out Tatertots and Jello, she's AWESOME!!!


Angie said...

I looked all over Hobby Lobby for a wreath, and couldn't find one that I liked even a little. But I LOVE yours. How many liners did you need? It looks like a lot. I'm going to check out that blog right now.

Marva said...

Too cute! Blessings!

Davene said...

I'm so impressed; this is beautiful!

I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting as regularly as I used to. I've still been reading your blog, but it usually happens when I'm nursing Shav, and I'm not a good enough one-handed typist to leave comments like I want to! Anyway, just want you to know that you inspire me with the way you create beauty for those around you.

Michelle said...

Thanks Davene, you are so sweet!

Jen said...

Your wreath turned out SO cute! Lovely! And I am curious too, how many liners did you need?