Tuesday, January 26, 2010


First off we have decided not to buy the bigger home but to stay here and try to pay off a few loans before we tack on such a big mortgage. I'm okay with this but I desperately need organization ideas, we have simply run out of room! If you know of any good blogs please let me know.
More and more I feel like I'm less than a person because I stay home and take care of my husband and children, today at the bank I was paying an extra payment on the principal of one of Tom's old trucks he wanted me to get the pay off amount, the teller asked me for his social security number, the account number and the amount to go on the principal, I gave her all the information then she told me that he would have to call and get the pay off because they didn't release that information to spouses whose name wasn't on the account; hello, I'm not trying to take his money I'm trying to help him! This is just one of many examples of how stay-at-home moms are discriminated against! And the next person who says to me in a sarcastic voice, "it must be nice to stay home all day", I think I'm going to smack them! Am I being overly sensitive or do other moms feel this way?
I'm redoing an old sewing cabinet for my youngest son to use as a desk, so far it's going well I will post pictures of the redo.
The weather station is predicting that we could possibly get 18-20 inches of snow this weekend! I went to the store today to stock up before the crowds hit. My children have never seen a snow this big I hope that the weatherman knows what he's talking about!
Every Friday Kelly from Kelly's Korner blog host a link party, Show Us Your Life series, this week the topic is fashion tips, I can't wait I need help in this area. We have a sweetheart dinner through Tom's work coming up next month and it's been years since I've had to dress for dinner with people who actually work for a living (insert sarcasm, LOL) I don't have a clue what to wear, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
Sorry to ramble on today but it's been kinda one of those days!!
Have a good evening everyone!!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Everyone needs to ramble a bit!!
The lady that said something about being a stay-at-home mom-How terrible for you!!! That has not happened to me before-I bet she was having a bad day, and wishes she was in your shoes...
20 inches of snow??Crazy! In Michigan, we haven't even had that yet, and my boys got snowboards for their birthdays, and the snow melted!!! I hope we get twenty!

Marva said...

I think whoever said that is just jealous.........consider the source. We are blessed to be home and it is hard work!

You ramble on all you like......it is your blog! ;)

I am not sure about blogs/sites for organization. Amy at momadvice.com has some great tips although she has a varied site with numerous topics.

We are blessed to not have house/car payments and I think ya'll made a great decision to stay put. We love Dave Ramsey, he has some great info on his site.

About the snow, o.h. m.y. g.o.o.d.n.e.s.s.!!!!!!! We get a dusting maybe once a year. hehe! I would so love more, but not that much.

Keep us posted about any organiztional stuff you learn about. Great topic!

Hugs & Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Try orgjunkie.com..........

Davene said...

I'm always glad to read your ramblings...ramble anytime! :)

I, too, think you've made a wise decision about the house.

I hope your boys have a blast playing in all that snow (if it comes like they say!). :)