Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life Friday~~Fashion Tips

Today is Show Us Your Life Friday at Kelly's Korner, this week's topic is, Fashion Tips. Being a plus-size girl in a skinny girl's world is challenging to say the least, seeing as there are literally hundreds of different items to chose from if you are "normal" sized and only ten if you are plus-size poses a problem in dressing fashionable.

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I love Talbot's because they carry the same exact styles in their woman's sizes as they do in their misses, I have always wondered why the call the plus-size sizes women's and the regular sizes misses, aren't we all women? Anyway back to Talbot's, they have a fabulous outlet section on their website and if you call the local store and have them order your items for you from the red phone your shipping is FREE!!

Sometimes I buy things at Lane Bryant but I really don't like their clothes, they are too trendy for me and the quality isn't the greatest. However, I do like their lingerie, hosiery and they carry Spanx, a girl's gotta have her Spanx, LOL!

Dillard's is another great place to shop if you are plus-size, they carry the same style of Ralph Lauren and Jones New York as the misses department and the end of season sales are AWESOME!

I have problems finding pretty shoes and boats, I wear a size 10 and most stores only get one or two pair of this size in, I would love a pair of fashion black boots but can't seem to find any with a wider calf, if you know of any place please tell me where to buy them. I found these Anne Klein loafers on Macy', the are really comfortable.

I have fallen in love with scarves this winter, I found a beautiful camel colored cashmere scarf at Marshall's for $20.00, it really dresses up a plain shirt & jeans and one size fits all! And I'm a purse fanatic, big ones, small ones it doesn't matter just as long its cute, I bought this Cole Hann purse from Neiman Marcus before Christmas it was on sale for a fraction of the retail price.

I suppose my fashion advice for the plus-size girl is to only own things that fit properly and that you feel 100% good in and add a fabulous pair of shoes and a great purse!! Oh and don't forget jewerly, but that's another post all in it's self.


kykathy said...

I LOVE the new purse, and the scarf, too, oh and the shoes. And you are right on with your advice, even if I don't always follow it myself.

Kyla said...

I feel your pain with the shoes... I wear an 11! Arghhh.

But I just ordered a pair of boots of they have a wide width and wide calf! They were 75 dollars on sale, but I googled a coupon code for 1/2 off and got them (with s/h including) for 45.

I haven't received them yet but I can let you know how the calves fit if you're interested :)

Laura said...

I LOVE that scarf! I have ordered boots from Avenue too. They are great! They have really affordable prices and you can always find online coupons.

Callie said...

I spent several years limited to the plus size stores and sections in stores. As a young woman, it was so hard to find things...either really flashy and gaudy (Lane Bryant...not to mention low cut tops!) or my Grannie would wear it. There is a definite gap in the market! I've since been able to drop some lbs and get into "misses" sizes. The problem is, I don't know where to begin looking! I'm so used to being limited to a tiny section of a store. Its overwhelming to know what to look at now. For a few years in a row, I saw wide calf boots on Eddie Bauer's website. I had a pair, they were wonderful! I hope you find some!

Brandie said...

I love your look. Great tips! Thanks for stopping by Dream Custom Artwork!

Kathy said...

Great to know who sells plus sizes...I just placed an order with Talbot!! Three shirts for $30 .... a great deal. thanks for sharing.
Kathy :)

Davene said...

I wear size 10, too, so I can relate to shoe frustration. I was happy to snatch up a cute pair of size 10 black sandals at the thrift store this past week. They will come in handy when summer comes around. :)

Did you all get the big snow they were predicting?