Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edible Art

I have long been a lover of beautiful cakes! When I was a young girl I would draw every detail of my wedding cake, I would cut photos of cakes from magazines and beg my mother to make them. I still love edible art, it's a visual delight! Even the worst tasting cake taste good if its pretty! I stumbled upon a couple of new blogs this weekend which led me to more blogs and you get the idea, then I found it, the cake that I want for my 39th birthday, at least the bottom layer. I first saw it on Cake Wrecks then on Martha Stewart's website, it's so elegant!!

A few other blogs that have amazing cakes and cookies are: Cookie Crumbs and Bake at 350, go check them out-you will be blown away by what these ladies can do with a little flour & sugar!


Angie said...

that's so funny! I used to do that too! I've made a couple of wedding cakes and some fancy bday cakes, but nothing like that! It really is an art that takes great skill.

adozeneggs said...

Thanks so much for the link!!
I love that cake too, so pretty. I'm really just a beginner with cakes, but I must have iced well over a million cookies over the years!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love beautiful food-but not making it...That cake is gorgeous!


That cake is almost too gorgeous to cut...*almost* ; ) 2 slices please! : )

Jan said...

Nummy! The cake is beautiful and I'd never get a piece because it's too pretty to cut. LOL~