Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Crazy World of Real Estate

Home Sweet Rental Home

This week has reminded me why I stopped selling real estate years ago, it's a nightmare!!! We made an offer on the house we wanted, the husband verbally accepted and told the realtor he would have his wife sign and return the paperwork by Saturday, needless to say the realtor did hear from them all weekend then on Monday she called to see what was going on and he said they had been fighting all weekend and they decided not to sell! As frustrating as this is to deal with I'm thankful that we didn't get the house, this was the 3rd time we had tried to buy it and obviously God doesn't want us living there. I looked at a For Sale By Owner in the same neighborhood yesterday, it was a 2400 sq ft home and they wanted $350,000 FIRM, I thought I would laugh in their faces! Our friends who are paying two mortgages are going to let us rent their house for 6 months, it's the one that is in rough shape and we are going to be paying $1500 a month, ouch! I'm just thankful to have a place to live that is large enough for our family and the repairs are mainly cosmetic and it will give me something to blog about, we are moving in November 10th.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

It looks like a lovely home, I'm sure with your homemaking talents, it will soon become cozy and serene.
Good luck with your house hunting, it's always a stressful project.

marina said...

Good Luck with your move. I am sure you will make it a 'home'. It looks very pretty and huge!