Thursday, October 21, 2010

When You Don't Know What To Do ~ Eat Cake

This past weekend the weather was perfect! The boys had so much fun painting pumpkins, this year they have decided not to go trick or treating, they just want to stay home and give out candy. This is breaking my heart, it means they are growing up way too fast!

I'm trying to avoid reality so I baked all day Saturday, it's amazing how two kinds of chocolate cake and chess bars can make you forget you're going to homeless in three weeks if our offer isn't accepted on the new house. Speaking of the new house we made an offer on the third house pictured in the previous post, now the owners aren't so sure they want to sell! Can you believe that? After all we've been through to sell this house and the people who are willing to let us rent their home (that needs a ton of work, but that's another story) want $1500 a month, we could buy a $350000 house for $1500 a month!! It amazes me how people think their stuff is worth so much when they only want to give you the bare minimum for your things, go figure! The chocolate cake was really good, oh yea I forgot I started Weight Watchers, OOPS, LOL!!!

I finished this little cross-stitch project this week, I love stitching dish towels they are quick and easy!

A few weeks ago Tom & I attended a small fundraiser for Rand Paul (he's running for a US senate seat) we really enjoyed meeting him and actually getting to do something without the children for a change.
If you will keep please keep our family in your prayers during the next few weeks.


Angie said...

that's a great pic of you two! and you'll get just the perfect house...praying for you!

Hautemama said...

I hope the housing situation works out soon! Just keep the faith that everything will work out! Praying for you all! Beautiful pic!

marina said...

Fingers crossed that your housing situation will settle down!
Cakes sound yumm!

Elyte said...

Hope that all your housing problems sort themselves out. I am in Somerset UK at the moment.

Danyel and David said...

OMG...I need some of that yummy looking cake! Happy belated anniversary!

The Gava Family said...

Good luck. It is so stressful trying to find the perfect house. Both of the houses are beautiful.