Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Beginnings

I'm so relieved that 2010 is over, shew what a year! Throughout all of the so called bad things that happened to us in 2010 the blessings are bountiful and I praise God for the good and the bad. 2011 is all ready showing signs of hope and will be full of new beginnings for our little family. We are still renting but we are forever on the lookout for a newly listed house and now we are tossing around the idea of building.

I really don't care for New Year's Resolutions, I feel they automatically set me up for failure. However, I will be 40 years old in 10 short months and I hope to lose 40 pounds by October, that will only be a pound per week and that's very obtainable I just need to add some exercise and cut back on the sugar. Also, I want to work on my parenting skills, I feel that they are lacking and are in need of a little adjustment, wish me luck on this one my boys will be 12 and 10 in a few weeks.

I hope that each of you enjoy this New Year's weekend with your family and friends and that they new year brings you good health and happiness!

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Hautemama said...

Are we twins? I will 40 next December and I am trying to lose 40 pounds. I will also have a 12 and 10 year old (after April when my 9 yr old has his birthday). Sooo funny! I've already cut out red meat and most meat actually. It helps to cut the calories and fat content. I'm down 5.6 pounds in 2 weeks-ugh.