Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

*Emily is too good for Brad, he's worse than a used car salesman.

*Reporters should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting Charlie Sheen.

*Don't ever make chocolate cake with buttercreme icing when you have PMS.

*Boys are easier to teach than girls.

*Talbots has an AMAZING sale going on.

*Meeting new friends as an adult is hard but when you find someone who likes the same things as you it's so worth the effort.

Have a great day!!!


Kathy said...

A good Talbot's sale? Yay!

Jen Watts said...

girl, Charlie is a TRAIN WRECK! I'm not so sure he was exploited...

About that cake...can I get directions to your place??

Susan S. said... random thoughts...they are just so random. :) I think Brad's gonna pick Chantal (spelling?) b/c he likes her families life style. Even thought he told Emily he loves her....I think that a ploy by the program to sway us into thinking he gonna pick her. He's gonna break her heart. Happy Spring!

Kristi said...

I so agree that Emily is too good for Brad. I don't think he will choose her in the end. I think the thought of being instant DAD scares him. I think she will find someone else who is perfect for her. I am also very worried about Charlie. I am not sure why his publicist has not placed duck tape over his mouth.