Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little About Me

I have been wanting to write this post all week but I have been super busy and not feeling well.
  • I'm a country cook, nothing too fancy here
  • I have been an avid admirer of the British Royal Family for years, I saw all of them at the Queen's birthday celebration in London in 1995
  • I simply can't wait to watch the Royal Wedding
  • My husband and sons are my world
  • I am a people pleaser who has a hard time saying "no"
  • I like being near water of any kind
  • I lost my Daddy way too young
  • I miss my grandmother, she was a wonderful lady
  • I have three brothers
  • I wish I had a sister, not that I don't love my brothers but every girl needs a sister
  • I have the most amazing aunts in the world
  • My mother is my best friend

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