Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chit Chat

My computer is up and running, the Dell support team was able to save my pictures and reload everything via the Internet and phone, this just blows my mind, that someone in India can log-on to my computer in Kentucky and fix my problems, go figure! But, I'm thankful to back on my own computer and not on one of the sticky things that my sons call their laptops, LOL!

We had a great time with our friends at the lake this weekend, the dinner party was fun and the food was delicious. Unfortunately, we had to miss the potluck on Saturday night because the boys both starting running fevers.

I took them to the nurse practitioner at Tom's work yesterday both have Strep throat, thankfully they tested negative for Influenza A & B. Back in the Spring our pediatrician seemed to think that Jonah may have asthma, yesterday he was wheezing so badly that we left the Health Clinic with steroids and an inhaler. This is a new world for us she told me to be very careful with him and to never leave home without an inhaler. Do you have children with asthma and how has it changed their lives? We are so thankful for Tom's company they have set up Health Clinics at each of the mines for their employees & their families, what a blessing, no more waiting rooms full of sick people when your children's immune systems are down.

There is a little fabric shop in Somerset that I have been trying to get to for months and I finally stopped in on Saturday, let me just tell that it is a thrifty girl's dream! You'll have to excuse the poor photography, I was shaking from excitement because one of the employees had just told me that everything on hangers was only $3.00 per yard!!! When I got to the register to checkout, with my arm load of hangers, the young boy didn't even measure the fabric he just held it out and said, "I think that looks like about two yards, you okay with that? Ah, I think I'll just let you have it for $3.00 and how about $6.00 for the other piece? We just want this stuff, GONE!!" I thought I would pee my pants from excitement, LOL!! That young man has made a friend for life and the little fabric store will probably get sick of seeing me. This place was a mess, for me that's the charm of stores like that, you leave with something beautiful.

I will have my TWOC week three craft post up by Friday, be sure to stop by Red Writing and see what neat things these talented woman are doing for Christmas.

Have a great day!!!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

The fabric sounds like a deal! The things I could do with fabric and my glue gun-endless....
Ashma-My kids don't have it, but my youngest is the one we are watching-whenever he gets a cold-he wheezes terribly...I pray your son stays ok....
I have NOW read all Elin Hilderbrand's books-from the Library....I am so glad I heard about her from you, and won her book! I love them!

Davene said...

Whew, I'm so glad you got all the info that was on your computer restored!

None of my children have asthma (so far) so I'm not much help there.

I'm glad you found some great deals at the fabric store!

Girly Stuff said...

The fabric store would be this grown woman's Toys R Us!

My oldest has asthma. The first time he had an episode landed us in TX Children's Hospital. Definitely take the inhaler when you go camping. And thankfully they are old enough to tell you when they feel you can usually get to it before it gets bad.

I outgrew my asthma but my brother never did.

I read that as their little bronchii grow the constrictions are not as severe.