Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Won, I Won, I Really Won!!!

A few days ago Jen from Tater Tots & Jello hosted a giveaway and I was the winner, yeah me!! When I got home from grocery shopping today there was surprise waiting on my front porch, a wonderful package from Sprinkles Cupcakes in California. I have never tried their cupcake mixes, Jen graciously gave me my choice of flavors and being the banana freak that I am I chose banana, I mean how can you go wrong with banana anything? The beautiful packaging even gives you the recipe for the frosting, yummy! I think I better save all my weekly Weight Watchers points for the day I bake these.
Jen, thank you so much for the lovely present, your blog gives me lots of inspiration & ideas and I always get excited when I see that you've added a new post. I hope that you have a great day, because of you I've had a wonderful day!


Rue said...

Banana cupcakes?? Those sound delicious! Congratulations on your win :)


Ruby Red Slippers said...

How neat! That sounds sooo good!!!

Girly Stuff said...


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Yummy! What a great prize! Enjoy them!