Monday, January 24, 2011


I like the look of two colors, if we go with a new kitchen.
If we paint the cabinets, I really like this look.

We are a few steps closer to closing on our home and I'm trying to decide on what type of cabinets I want for the kitchen & baths. I have been looking at every website, magazine and blog about kitchen and bath designs so far I haven't come up with anything for the baths but for the kitchen I have a couple of completely different options. Our kitchen cabinets now are oak with a really shiny finish and Formica counters with the same oak trim; option one is to paint the cabinets, change the counters to a solid surface and add new stainless steel appliances, option two (which is what Tom wants to do) is put in a whole new kitchen top to bottom. Please leave me a comment and let me know which you would choose.


Connie said...

I really like the look of painted cabinetry. Plus, you can re-paint it if you decide you want something different.

I like your idea!

Kristi said...

Do you have pic of your current kitchen that you can post?