Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I eat junk food and my kids eat junk food, just not all the time!

I was subbing today for the 4 year-old kindergarten class most of the kids packed their lunches because they didn't like what was in the lunchroom. As I walked around the table helping them open their lunch boxes I was AMAZED by what I saw. Each child had 2 "juice" boxes, a sandwich, a bag of chips (some kids had two bags) they each had a least two desserts and don't even get me started on the fruit chewy snacks those things are like crack for kids. I have never seen so many snack cakes and cookies in my life. How can parents expect their children to learn when they are on carb-overload and a sugar high? I packed our lunches today and my boys had A pack of cookies but they also had a healthy sandwich (whole-grain bread and turkey breast) one snack size baggie of fat-free chips and fruit. My boys tell me all the time that I don't buy the "cool" lunch foods and my response is TOUGH!

I'm always on the lookout for new lunch box ideas, what do you pack in your child's lunch?


Kathy said...

Yesterday I was with Jonathan's class at lunch for the first time. They are a class of 4 yr olds. IU have to say I was impressed that each child had a very healthy lunch. Every single one had a healthy sandwich or crackers with meat, each had either a fruit or vegetable or both, and most had cheese or yogurt. No junk in the whole class of 10! I think packing healthy lunches day after day is hard, I am always looking for something new/different for Jon.

Hautemama said...

I'm even worse. My kids eat the cafeteria lunch. I tell them that I'm not packing a lunch of cruddy foods for them to eat. I always figure that at least the cafeteria has to provide some sort of balanced meal. And...I don't buy chips or sweets for our house. I must be officially the meanest mom on earth! We do however go to Sonic on a regular basis and get a drink. I love me some Sonic ice!