Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Weddings, Substitute Teaching & Day 2

Wow, that's the longest title I've ever written!

I have been very busy the last few days substitute teaching at my children's school. Tuesday I was in the 6th grade, today I was with the K-4 class and Friday I will be with K-4. I don't know which age is harder to teach, those little ones have given this "retired" realtor a run for her money. I have a whole new respect for teachers and their Teacher Appreciation gifts for this year will be bumped up a notch or two.


Wednesdays are for Weddings & Day 2 of the Things I Love

One of my favorite things about weddings is the cake. Beautiful cakes are an art form, the hours of tedious work that goes into a single tier is enough to make me tear up(literally). I have made one 3-tiered anniversary cake and I swore I wouldn't never make another tiered cake.

Day 2 of the things I love is: you guessed it, CAKE! I love birthday cake, wedding cake, and Food City cake, just to name a few. I guess if I would stop eating so much cake I could lose a little weight and quit blaming it on baby weight(my youngest is 10, ha) or my thyroidectomy.

What is your favorite part of a Wedding and do you love cake?

BTW, guess what kind of cake Johnson wants for his birthday this weekend? A 2-tiered Grammy award themed cake. One of these days I'll learn to never say never!

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Mrs.B said...

My fave think at my wedding was my cake...LOL.