Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 Post in One

I have been super busy the last few weeks with school activities, field trips, remodeling the new house, taking care of Tom's grandmother and a little (shh) shopping. Hey when a girl is stressed shopping is the only way to go!

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a flop :( Tom & Jonah went to the lake Friday night for a one day trip that turned into two. They didn't get home until Sunday afternoon. That was really weird! Johnson had his first "date" on Friday night, we met his girlfriend and her Mom at the movies. I forgot to buy Easter basket stuff so after the movie we went to WalMart to pickup a few things. I didn't even take a picture of their baskets. I vow to do better next year.

The New House

Is coming along beautifully, thanks to my brother and his crew! The floors in the bathrooms, sunroom and laundry room now have tile instead of linoleum. I have new door handles & locks, the painter is working as hard as she can and the decorator has ordered my new furniture and is coming Thursday to measure for window treatments. Needless to say, I'm tried!!


This time of year we seem to always get swamped with activities, I wish the teachers would schedule these things throughout the year instead of trying to squeeze it all in at the last.


I can't seem to stop! Online shopping is so easy press a button, select a shipping method and enter your card number and all is right with the world! Saks is having a fabulous sale, you get 20% off most items including makeup and free shipping, you can't beat that. I have an addiction to Tory Burch shoes, her Reva flats are so cute with just about everything and her slip on sneakers are very comfy, I ordered the pair in the photo in khaki & brown, very cute!


I'm thinking of doing the OOTD post like so many bloggers do. I have searched high and low for a plus-size gal who does OOTD and can't seem to find one, so I think I'll start doing this in the next few days. I'm not a fashion queen by any stretch but I love to look my best in the classics with a few trends thrown in for good measure.


Jen Watts said...

I love ootd!! Can't wait to see yours.. I've been vowing to do one also, but I wear my sweats way too much. Yay for moving in the new house!

Kathy said...

Ok, I'm out of the loop, what is OOTD? I've missed your posts! Love the shoes, can't wait to visit, miss you!

Hautemama said...

I think you should do OOTD posts. I'm tired of seeing size 4 girls all doing the posts. I want to see curvy women like most of America!