Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I have been a Royal watcher since I was eight years old. I vividly remember watching Charles & Diana wed followed by Sarah & Andrew then Edward & Sophie and finally Charles & Camilla. I woke up early this morning anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of the dress. I thought the new Duchess looked very elegant, I loved the romantic feel of the lace. However, I thought her dress was too much like Grace Kelly's and should have had a more dramatic skirt and lighter veil.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I thought the Queen looked radiant!

Oh my goodness, this cake is AMAZING!!!!!

Seriously?!? Someone needs to talk to Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Their dresses and hats are hideous!!!


Lindsay-ann said...

Glad you enjoyed the wedding. We all got a day off work to watch it. I loved Kate's dress. I thought she looked perfect. She is so pretty that she didn't need anything more elaborate. They make such a cute couple. I agree with you about the two sisters. Beatrice looked like she had a giant pretzel on her head. LOL.

Hautemama said...

I loved Kate's dress! My wedding dress was a little like it! She looked so elegant and poised it amazed me. I was stuck in a hotel room at a Masonic banquet and got up early to watch it! I have a blonde son and red headed son and one's named William. Funny!